Pitch Night Follow-Up: Q&A with Shannon Carroll of Vivid Story

September 24, 2017 | 10:17 am by Mandar Apte
Suzannah Simmons and Eleanor Hall present Shannon Carroll the runner-up prize for the 2013 Media Rise Festival Pitch Night.

Suzannah Simmons and Eleanor Hall present Shannon Carroll the runner-up prize for the 2013 Media Rise Festival Pitch Night.

As we approach the 2014 Media Rise Festival taking place in Washington, D.C. in September, we are checking in with some participants from last year’s festival to catch up on what they are working on, to give you a sense of what to expect from this year’s event–the sort of people you will meet and connect with, and the type of work that inspires our mission.

In this interview, we hear from Shannon Carroll, who was the runner-up in the Pitch Night competition in 2013.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Shannon is an artist and media producer based in Brooklyn, NY. She works with media to foster community engagement, cross-cultural understanding and human rights advocacy.Her creative roots lie in photography, and her current work involves design, interactive media, digital storytelling and documentary filmmaking.

Currently, Shannon works as the Creative Director of Vivid Story, a creative studio specializing in video, photography and interactive design for causes that matter. Previously, she worked at POV, an award-winning series on PBS; Documentary Educational Resources; and WGBH, Boston’s PBS station. She was a Collaborative Fellow in residence at UnionDocs and is a graduate of Tufts University.

How do you use storytelling, art or design to make the world a better place?

I’ve recently launched Vivid Story, a Brooklyn-based creative studio focused on visual storytelling and design. We create immersive narrative experiences that build empathy and connections among people across the globe.

Our focus is cinematic and intimate storytelling that puts a human face on contemporary social issues. We specialize in video, design and photography to tell compelling stories with enduring impact that empower causes, ideas and brands.

How did last year’s Media Rise Festival help your cause?

Last year, I presented Southside Stories at the Media Rise Festival Pitch Night to a booming and supportive crowd in the heart of DC’s Shaw neighborhood. We won runner-up in the pitch – which provided an extremely beneficial cash prize — and [made] connections to a new network.

Southside Stories is an immersive audio walk into Williamsburg in Brooklyn featuring the residents of Williamsburg’s rapidly transforming Southside community. The walk encourages a reinvigorated sense of discovery, wonder and responsibility in participants’ relationship with the city.

Since last year’s Media Rise Festival, we’ve launched the audio walk and accompanying website. The walk will be presented at the New York Film Festival in late September as part of UnionDocs’ Living Los Sures program.

As a native of Silver Spring, it was heartwarming to come back and present the walk in DC.

What is the value of bringing people together at events like the Media Rise Festival?

The Media Rise Festival is unparalleled in promoting collaboration between cause-driven creatives and non-profit leaders. The value and opportunity to meet each other in person is immense — everyone has something to contribute and grow from. There’s strength in the trust and community networks that the festival nurtures. The relationships formed at the festival continue at the worldwide Early Rise mixers. These events prove that we are stronger together.

What are you working on now? And do you have any requests for collaboration?

For Vivid Story, I’m looking for organizations and causes to work with. We can tell the story of your cause through video, design and photography. If you are a media producer, let’s collaborate. Don’t hesitate to reach out: shannon@vividstory.co.

Sounds great. Thank you, Shannon!

To learn more about Shannon’s work visit http://vividstudio.co and http://shannonleecarroll.com.

Information about Southside Stories, the project she successfully pitched at last year’s festival, is available at http://southsidewalk.com